We specialise in beautifully crafted, impactful films, animations, photography and experiences that engage audiences, provoke thought and inspire action.

We work with charities and changemakers. The organisations taking care of people and making a difference. The ones with a vision for a brighter, fairer, healthier world and a sustainable future for our planet.

Our films and animations help organisations like yours tell their story, connect with audiences, inspire action and motivate change.

Crossing borders and boundaries


For 10 years we’ve been thinking originally, refining our craft and building an environment where creativity and people thrive. Our film work is done both close to home, and in the most remote corners of the globe, with film crews travelling to locations as diverse as Ethopia, Kenya and Thailand. Our animation and experiential projects allow us to travel to the furthest reaches of our imagination.

The topics we cover are as wide ranging as the locations, from educating young people about avoiding knife crime violence, to eliminating the spread of malaria. We unfold stories of hope and document the work of organisations paving the way to a better tomorrow.

The team on set a studio film shoot with a contributor

Deep empathy combined with rigorous process

As a specialist creative agency for charities and changemakers, one of our most valuable assets is our ability to empathise. Working with people who’ve been through unthinkably hard times needs sensitivity and consideration. Sometimes we tap the well of our own experience to find inspiration, but we always allow the genuine, first-hand experiences of our contributors or case studies to shape the creative direction of each piece.

‘End-to-End’ is our unique production process. It underpins our work, allowing our producers to manage every aspect of your project and ensuring on time, on brand, and on budget delivery of meaningful, high-quality work, time and time again.

We consider every detail, and manage every stage of the process, keeping all the team and collaborative partners informed, so you don’t have to.

A mother and daughter standing in the sun
The shoot crew on Martin's Journey film set with Martin and his family. Martin is holding a camera

Strategic Guidance


When you choose MOREVER as your creative agency, you’re in experienced hands. We’ve partnered with organisations such as the British Red Cross, Dementia UK, The Stroke Association and Tommy’s to create content with impact that provokes thought and inspires action. 

Working as a creative agency for charities, means we’ve become experts at carefully planning to achieve multiple objectives within the context of a single project. As your strategic creative partner we can help you think cleverly about the year ahead and collaborate with other agencies to ensure that you achieve real value from your investment in creative campaigns.

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Let’s work together. There are minds to change and hearts to win, so let’s get collaborating.
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Let’s work together. There are minds to change and hearts to win, so let’s get collaborating.