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Impact Report 2023

An Impact Report on film that truly engages. Putting the organisations that have received funding from Co-op's charity at the heart of the piece.

The Co-op Foundation is Co-op’s charity. Its Future Communities Vision, crafted by young people, outlines a vision of what healthy and nurturing communities could be like in 10 years’ time. 

The Co-op Foundation provides grants to organisations (its ‘partners’) across the UK that are delivering opportunities and services in line with the Future Communities Vision. These partners are typically focused on empowering young people, building communities or tackling climate change.

The brief

Having identified that most people weren’t reading the dense, lengthy pdfs that many charities produce, The Co-op Foundation wanted a more engaging way to present its Impact Report 2023. It decided to commission an annual film to demonstrate the impact of its work, with the thoughts of its partners - the beneficiaries of the fund - at its heart. The film needed to showcase the type of organisations supported and the impact the grants have had on them.

The Co-op Foundation planned to share this film with its Co-op colleagues and to a wider community, so it needed to clearly demonstrate the importance of its work, sharing how it has helped these partner organisations to give young people hope, opportunities and a place to express themselves, or tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

The approach

The film provides an engaging and energetic overview of the Co-op Foundation’s impact throughout 2023. To tell this story we see and hear directly from the partners funded, showing them at work out and about in their communities, and from key spokespeople who can speak to the positive impact of the funding. 

  • The bulk of the visuals are self-filmed footage from three partners. This gave each partner the opportunity to show the work they do, their activities and people in-action.
  • Soundbites from each partner were remotely recorded, allowing them to communicate the positive impact the Co-op Foundation’s funding has had on their organisation or project.
  • Key info and impact stats are peppered throughout the film and incorporated into the footage

Keshon, a member of the Future Communities Collective, was our narrator for the Impact Report 2023. As well as hearing his voice as he expertly explains the work of the Foundation, we also see footage of him woven throughout the film, alongside clips of Co-op team members at work in its stores.

Client feedback

From sharing our initial ideas with Aiyana, to creating a narrative, and right through to the filming and interview process, working with MOREVER has been great!  

They understand that putting organisations we fund at the heart of our storytelling is important to us – and they help us to give them the power to tell their story.  

It really feels like MOREVER is an extension of our team, which means the feedback process is instilled with a joint understanding and trust. When we come up with a new idea, MOREVER will always find a way to make it a reality!"

Hannah Charlton, Corporate Communications Officer

Co-op Foundation

Co-op Foundation Impact Report 2023 image 1 - Keshon the narrator
Co-op Foundation Impact Report 2023 image 5 - NPK recovery at work


Producer – Aiyana Gane

Editor – Georgia Greening

Graphics – Kazz Thompson 

Contributors – NPK Recovery, Circus Eruption, Nurturing Foundations

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