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Health Care Film

British Red Cross Health Services are there to prevent people from falling through the gaps in health and care systems. Tailored to the local context, they ensure people get the support they need, before, during and after they use the NHS.

The brief

British Red Cross asked us to create a pacy and engaging promotional film to showcase its health services across the UK. It also wanted the film to focus on how it provides a ‘four nation’ approach, with regionally specific solutions for local communities.

As an engagement piece for health, social care, voluntary and community sector professionals and decision makers, the goal of the piece was to support revenue growth from these services, and increase their visibility.

Alongside the film, the charity also wanted fresh new imagery to be used across the charity’s Health Service assets.


The approach

We knew the key to the piece was to get right to the heart of British Red Cross’s Health Services; we opted to follow key members of staff on-the-ground, as they do their work.

Talking head style clips are woven in between the ‘action’ shots, from those directly delivering and receiving support. These point of view sections help to convey the vital gap that the charity fills with its services, and the real life positive impacts it has. 

The film takes the audience through each service one by one. In each case it follows a British Red Cross team member as they go about their work. The narrative is provided by a voiceover. Content is both ‘fly-on-the-wall’ and ‘created’ scenarios to provide visual interest. 

We kept the film moving at a lively pace through a combination of tight editing and engaging movement. The audience is able to follow the action through footage captured using a variety of techniques. Our crew placed the camera into the action of each scene by using handheld cameras, drones, and car mounted GoPro cameras.


  • 1 x 3.5 minute film with subtitles
  • Social cuts
    • 1 x 30 second overview of services film
    • 1 x 1 min films featuring the 4 services 
  • Photography
Two British Red Cross health care workers inside an ambulance in the health care film.
A British Red Cross health care worker on the 'virtual wards' in the health care film


Director – Dan Mellor

Producer – Aiyana Gane

Camera & lighting – Sam Cordell

Editor – Vasil Dzhagalov


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