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Security Fibres

Promotional film

This pioneering UK company makes and develops security components to help to prevent counterfeiting. They are used in the paper for important things like banknotes, passports and security documents.

The brief

The team wanted a promotional video highlighting the security features in banknotes, specifically Spectrum Fibres.

These fibres are hard to see so the project required animation to give visual cues for the viewer to enable understanding of how they work.

As part of the project we also needed to design a sample ‘house’ bank note that we could include in the final film to illustrate how ‘Spectrum Fibres’ are revealed under UV light.

The animation also needed to include text information about the fibres’ properties and application.

The animation would be used for general marketing but also to showcase how these components can be used at a series of industry events.

The team also wanted still images to accompany the animation that could be used in brochures, on its website or displayed on screens at conferences.

The approach

Having worked with this client before we had valuable experience of their products and audience and knew that a rich visual device would be needed to carry the information. 

We used particle systems to construct, deconstruct and transition between scenes. This enabled us to create nicely cut sequences but also to stray between very close camera views to more traditional full shots. Using depth of field we highlighted the tiny scale of the security features but also created a rich visual journey where the viewer was guided by what was in-focus. 

The motion narrative was also driven primarily by the particles as they flow, twist and cascade.

The storyboard hand drawn by our creative director before we created the Security Fibres promotional video

Client feedback

“Abi, Dan, Aiyana and the whole MOREVER team were fantastic. We only had a short window to get a new promo video out and their diligence, efficiency and specialisation were second to none. Couldn't recommend them highly enough to anyone looking for any new graphics, animation or promotional videos.”

Henry Thorpe- Spinks, Senior Marketing Executive

Security Fibres

A still image from the security fibres promotional film featuring a bank note designed by MOREVER
A still image from Security Fibres promotional film showing the range of colours available


Director – Dan Mellor

Producer – Aiyana Gane

3D – Eggy Sayoga

Graphic design – Kazz Thompson 

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