Green screen BTS feature image
Green screen BTS feature image

Green Screen for Make Real

The film technique we used to create multiple backgrounds for training materials

When the scope of the brief doesn’t match the size of the budget, we have to get clever about how we can deliver what the client needs.

One of the techniques we use to maximise the budget available, is by setting up a green screen. Using this technique means that we can include a range of locations in the background of our films, in a cost-effective way.

Last year we had a great time using this technique with immersive learning specialists, Make Real Ltd. They needed films for a set of training materials, which would include a series of scenarios, all taking place in virtual meetings across different locations and days.


We quickly realised that the easiest and most budget-friendly way to make this happen would be to use green screen. So we organised a shoot in a meeting room at local co-working venue Plus X Innovation and brought together a diverse cast of actors, with lots of different wardrobe options so that we could produce the variety of backdrops required.

Down below you'll see some behind the scenes images of the actors on set, and Dan trying out the green screen.

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