Dementia UK

Admiral Nurses

This is a film that we made for Dementia UK, about the work of its specialist dementia nurses, known as ‘Admiral Nurses’. It features Ruth, who is an Admiral Nurse, and outlines the work that she does to support those living with dementia, and their families. 

In the film, you see Ruth going about her work of training and providing information to hospital staff, listening to the concerns of family members and advising them, and being the main point of contact for families at the care facility or hospital.

Ruth describes her work as an “emotional journey”. She also says your “heart and soul needs to be in it” but that it is very rewarding work. She has a vision for there to be an Admiral Nurse present in every hospital so that those living with dementia and their families get all of the support and advise that they need.

This film was created as part of a campaign for the charity, to raise awareness of the specialist nurses and recruit more Admiral Nurses. 

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